Business Management Project

This is not available as a Single Subject.

Main topics of study:

  • Identification of essential/useful consultancy skills
  • Establishing the problem or opportunity to be investigated
  • Preparation and agreement of consultancy proposal
  • Appropriate methods of approaching assignments and suitable research methodologies
  • Analysis and presentation of findings, conclusions and recommendations
  • The consultancy report
  • Methods of conducting secondary research, synthesizing literature and presenting findings.

Recommended Reading

Indicative Reading for this Unit:
The Commercial Manager – T. Boyce & C. Lake (ICM)
Note: There is no single recommended text for this unit. Most importantly, reading should incorporate the latest information on the target organisation where appropriate.
Additional Sources of Information:
Cooper H (1998), Synthesising Research: A Guide for Literature Reviews, 3rd ed, Sage
Gill J & Johnson P (1991), Research Methods for Managers, Paul Chapman

Markham C (2004), The Top Consultant – Developing your Skills for Greater Effectiveness, 4th Edition, Kogan Page

Wickham P A (1999), Management Consulting, Pitman