Bookkeeping - Main Topics of Study


  • What is accounting?
  • Business organisations and sources of finance
  • Financial statements: P&L and the balance sheet
  • The role of the accountant and the accounts office

The Accounting Model

  • Recording financial transactions: the ledger system and trial balance
  • The running balance method of recording
  • The purchase day book and the returns day book
  • VAT
  • Banking services
  • Cash book / bank reconciliation statements / petty cash books
  • Capital and revenue expenditure
  • The trial balance, journal and suspense accounts

Management Control

  • Control accounts
  • Sales and purchase ledgers

Recommended Reading

Main Text:
Finance & Accounting – R Giles (ICM) – Chapters 1-4, 5-16, 21, 22-25 and 40.

Indicative Reading for this Unit: