Accounting II - Main Topics of Study

Financial Resources and Business Planning

  • Financial resources
  • The role of the accountant

The Construction of Financial Statements

  • Calculating profits
  • Adjustments
  • Capital transactions
  • Partnership accounts
  • Company accounts
  • Cash flow statements
  • Accounts of clubs and societies

The Provision of Financial Information

  • Accounting ratios and preparing reports / SSAPs & FRSs

Planning and Decision Making Accounting for Costs

  • Manufacturing accounts

Further Accounting Issues

  • Control accounts
  • The trial balance, journal and suspense accounts
  • Incomplete records
  • The extended trial balance


Recommended Reading

Main Text:

Frank Wood’s Business Accounting 1 – Wood & Sangster (Pitman)

Alternative Texts and Further Reading:
Foundations of Business Accounting – R Dodge